Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning maintenance is often ignored and neglected by most homeowners. Without regular cleaning, problems may arise, including damage to soffit and fascia areas and the gutters themselves, which can further harm the structural integrity of the roof itself.

Select uses a unique gutter cleaning system which allows us to minimize the use of ladders whereby we clean the gutters on buildings up to 3 stories high, from the ground using a specialized commercial vacuum hose and piping system. Our system is safer and more labour efficient, thus saving us time on the job and more importantly, saving money for our customers.

Most home owners dread cleaning their gutters in the spring and fall. Repeatedly climbing up and down a ladder, then moving that ladder every six feet, and digging out debris with a bucket and scoop is a time consuming and somewhat dangerous activity for anyone who is not comfortable working at the top of a ladder.

Any lack of attention to cleaning your gutters on a regular basis can lead to clogged gutters and blocked downspouts, and can even lead to water damaged fascia and rot, which can result in more costly repairs to your home. (Please see our “other Services”)

Once the gutters have been cleaned of debris, if our customers decide, we will then give the gutters a power wash and clean, inside and out, including the fascia boards and soffits.

In addition, our remote video camera system allows us to inspect your gutters before and after cleaning to ensure your home’s gutters are clean and free of any obstructions.