Has Moss Taken Over Your Home?

Moss and algae left on rooftops, grows under roof shingles exposing precious roof structures to rain, snow, ice and other elements. Do you have black or green staining on your roof area and not sure what it is? This is a sign that moss has settled in on your roof surface.

Many people may not realize timely attention to roof maintenance helps prevent costly repairs or replacements down the road and helps maintain roof warranties. If moss and algae are already present, homeowners can expect some exposure of their roof substrate to moisture. And since moss and algae are spore like plants, spores can migrate from one roof top to the next, infecting neighbours homes.

As specialists in this area, Select Property Maintenance uses a propriety natural formula to gently change the PH levels of moss and algae, helping to kill spores.

Proper care of your roof structure is important when removing moss. High pressure washing and harsh brushing is not recommended. The best practices for moss removal include elbow grease, gentle brushing with a special roof brush, and finally, specialty moss and algae treatment. In addition to the amount of time it takes to remove by hand, the moss and algae, some roofs are very steep and slippery, more reason to bring in the professionals at Select to do this work.

Select’s customers are already finding that some insurance companies will not re-insure their home unless the moss is removed. In some cases, moss may even be a reason to void roof warranties.

Select takes great care to remove moss by hand, using proprietary formulas to remove roof moss and debris from roof tops, gutters, decks, patios and other exterior surfaces. For a free estimate, call 778-753-6936 or email info@selectpropertymaintenance.ca.