Preferred Testimonials

QCT Concrete

I recently met the guys from Select Property Maintenance and was given the opportunity to provide my services on the installation of a cement staircase at the residence of one of their clients. I found them to be very professional and easy to work with. The job went very smoothly and the customer was extremely satisfied.

I certainly see the value in working with Select and being a part of their preferred ad program and I look forward to working with the Select team again in the near future.

David M. – QCT Concrete

BC Paint-Tech

I have been a painter for 30 years when one day, I received a call from the guys at Select Property Maintenance who were looking for a quote on a painting job. I later met with them and discussed the job at hand and exchanged information regarding each other’s business and background experiences. They also told me about the unique advertising section on their website.

I did visit their website and found the area where various trades people advertise their services for a reasonable price. I asked questions about the advertising area and how it worked and found that Select was seeking only two businesses for each of many various trade categories an other businesses to advertise in Select’s preferred business section. I quickly determined that this would be a great way for me to promote my business services and procure more business for myself at a very reasonable price.

Needless to say, since I have been advertising with Select, I have obtained additional contract work through Select. In fact, I have earned more than enough to cover my advertising costs with Select and then some for the two spots allocated for the “Painters” category.

I would recommend any trades person looking for more business to take a close look at the Select Preferred Business advertising program on their website and give them a call to find out more about how they can increase their business sales.

Sheldon F. – Paint-tech