Spring & Opportunity are Right Around the Corner!

Many of us look forward to Spring.  Spring is a time that is fresh with new opportunity.  The snow melts, we are outside, we visit, we are active, and many of us seek new opportunities.  We are excited for what the spring will bring and the opportunity it provides.

This spring you may visit the idea of finally starting & owning you own business.  Many of us dream of business ownership but are unsure on how to start, question if it will be too risky, or if we have the right skills to operate the business successfully.  Some of us want to own our own business but don’t want to go it alone.  Select Property Maintenance has developed a business system that can assist you in overcoming those dreaded start-up fears.  We provide a royalty free, distribution partnership program with the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Operating Territories
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Incorporation Setup
  • Operating, Marketing and Accounting Training
  • Web & Social Media Presence
  • Customer Acquisition Program
  • Community Programs & Initiatives
  • Select’s Innovative Maintenance Equipment & Supplies
  • Industry Momentum

We look forward to the new opportunities this spring will bring.  If you are seeking a new opportunity, we would like to hear from you.